Some people cannot bear the thought of being hungry, even for a little while. This creates an unhealthy relationship with food. They may begin planning their next meal well before they actually need to eat, in order to eliminate the anxiety of feeling even a slight sensation of hunger.

The way you eat is probably still conditioned by habits you developed in childhood. Maybe you come from a household where you were told you had to finish everything on your plate at every meal. Alternatively, perhaps your parents said that you were eating too much, and should lose weight. These messages, or other unhealthy experiences around food, may have caused you to want to eat more, even to the point of developing a food addiction!

Consciously listening to your body and agreeing to be hungry for a while can give you more control over your eating habits, allowing you to better meet your dietary goals. Additionally, there is some evidence to suggest that eating infrequently and allowing your stomach to empty between meals is healthy and helps digestion.