A good way to reduce access to tempting foods is to stock your kitchen mindfully, for example by choosing not to buy certain foods and bring them into your home. This can keep foods you don’t wish to eat out of your reach. If you live with other people, however, this may not always be easy or feasible. In this case, you may ask them to keep their sweets and snacks in the laundry room or in a secret drawer, off-limits to you, to keep them out of your sight and mind. Alternatively, ask whether they can keep them at the back of the refrigerator, behind the freshly-washed, ready-to-eat fruits.

When you eat out, and find that your appetite doesn’t match what you’ve ordered, you may keep eating anyway. To combat this tendency, push your plate a little further away from you to give yourself a signal that you’re done, or simply ask the waiter to box up what’s left and take it to go.

If you’re in a group of people who are sharing dessert, let the waiter know you don’t want to participate, and that they should not bring an extra plate and utensils for you to use (be prepared to fight off persistent waiters!). Another option is excusing yourself to go for a quick walk while others are eating dessert.