Exercise is supposed to be challenging. However, doing challenging things can be fun, or it can feel like a drag. If over time you notice that you’re not enjoying your workouts, and counting the minutes and seconds until the sessions end, you might want to try switching it up a bit.

First, consider modifying your current workout. You could try changing the duration and intensity (see Tool 6.1: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)), working out with a friend or a trainer, listening to podcasts or music, or even calling a friend for companionship during the session. If none of these options help, you can try changing to another form of exercise entirely.

Some alternate exercises you can try:

Each possibility offers unique benefits. With martial arts, for example, the excitement and challenge of facing off against a rival can be quite stimulating, whereas mountain biking can offer fresh air and beautiful scenery. There are hundreds of options to explore, depending on your preferences, abilities, and location, depending on your preferences, abilities, and location.

The key is to find something you truly enjoy, that requires some kind of physical stamina, and do it every week. In between, you can supplement with running, weight training, or training that will support the sport that you enjoy. Regardless of the activity you choose,  try to show up with a positive disposition. Remember, you’ve chosen to exercise and work towards your health goals—that attitude alone can bring a sense of intrinsic satisfaction to any workout.