There are times when you become aware that someone is engaging in some activity or following through with an idea that you don’t believe is a positive process for them. You may catch yourself thinking you know what’s good for them. So, you want to offer advice to them.

Before you do so, ask yourself why? Why do you feel impelled to tell them what to do? Are you attached to the outcome of what they do with your information? Are you trying to control their behavior with your advice? If the answer is yes to those last two questions, then perhaps you are better off refraining from saying anything unless they ask you for your input. Otherwise, you risk putting pressure on yourself and them, and straining your relationship if they do not take the advice.

So, when you see or hear of someone engaging in an activity or doing something you do not approve of, you can remind yourself they have the right to live their life just as you do yours. If you feel you must speak to them, discuss your personal experience and background with the subject, tell them what you have learned to try to inspire them to take different actions.