Celebrating is about appreciating what you have accomplished. You may wish to do this when you hit a specific project milestone, or simply when you reach the end of a challenging day, week, month, or year. The reason is less important than the ritual itself.

The actual celebration can be as large or small as you wish. Pausing for a few seconds to breathe and reflect with pride on your progress is a celebration, as is taking a walk while listening to a favorite song and eating some ice cream. If you are part of a team, you can include them, too, or share your wins with close friends or loved ones.

Another celebratory habit is to spend a few minutes before you go to bed each night reflecting on your successes from the day. This can be a particularly useful method to reduce stress and build a sense of self-worth. To take this even further, try writing down what you’re celebrating, either digitally or using pen and paper.

This is similar to doing a daily gratitude practice (see Tool 3.3: Gratitude), but with a slightly different focus. When you write down what you’re grateful for, you can focus on anything: yourself, others, nature, the world at large. When you compile your successes, you provide yourself with evidence of what you’ve accomplished, which you can refer to whenever you worry that you’re failing.