You can design your kitchen so the foods that tempt you are not within easy reach. One way to do that is not to buy those foods and bring them into your home. But if you live with other people, that is not always easy or feasible. So, put the sweets and snack foods in the laundry room, to keep them away from you. Or hide them at the back of the refrigerator, behind the fresh-washed fruits that are ready to be eaten.

When you go to restaurants, ask for your meal to be cut in half before it’s served to you and have the other half placed in a to-go container. If you’re with a group of people, let the waiter know you will not be able to eat the dessert, so please do not bring an extra plate and spoon or fork for you to use in a shared one. If a spoon and plate comes anyway, excuse yourself to go for a quick walk while dessert is being eaten by the others.