Sometimes when we get stressed or tense, or feel strong affliction by some other emotion, our minds are hard to discipline and get focused. If we do not give our minds an outlet, we’ll often take it out on other people, or we’ll find it hard to complete our tasks because the issue is niggling at us. If you can empty your brain and get it all out of you in a private way, you will release the mental space and hold they have on you, and be better able to meet your day.

Another reason many people try morning pages is when they feel stuck in their emotions. Perhaps they are depressed or unmotivated, so they cannot find the inner drive to speak to people or do work. By writing every morning, they can get give themselves the space they need to process their emotions and move on to deal with day-to-day life.

A third reason to do morning pages is if you feel stuck creatively. By getting your brain out of the way as you write, you learn to move past your blockages and open up your creativity.