You begin by sitting quietly and thinking about yourself. What words, titles, or descriptions come up when you ask the question, “Who am I? ”

List out your answers on a piece of paper. As you write each one, stop and allow yourself to feel what those words mean to you. When you feal you’ve emptied yourself of all the descriptors, list them by importance and choose the top four. Those are the most core to who you are.

Now, release them. Not literally, but question their power to define you. Start with the one that is least important to you and think of who you would be if you weren’t whatever that descriptor is.

After you release all four of your core descriptors, welcome them back in and reintegrate them into who you are. When you do, you often discover you have a different perspective of what that means. You say, “I am a husband, a smart one, popular, and shy” and you find that has more or new meaning to you.

Often what you discover is that you are not a title, but you are consciousness observing those descriptors. That can be freeing for people who want to create change to other descriptors or to deepen their connection with them.