Start with Rule 8 in 12 Rules For Life: Tell The Truth, Or At Least Don't Lie (Insert rule #). That’s hard enough, and requires work for most of us, because not telling the truth is so ingrained in our psyche. True transparency requires work.

However, not lying isn’t enough. For this tool to work, you actually have to volunteer personal information, and that might not be in your habit of doing. This tool invites you to “flip the switch” – instead of defaulting to not sharing information, and only sharing if there is a compelling reason to do so – you can acquire the habit of automatically sharing, and only hitting the breaks when there’s a need for that.

As you open up and default to sharing, make sure to still consciously choose when to share and when not to share. There are situations where you won’t want to share an intimate truth - so remember that saying “I don’t want to talk about it” is a valid reply.

One way you can be transparent is to state your goals on social media, let everyone know what it is you are trying to accomplish in your life. Then follow up with regular posts letting them know how well or not you are making impact on your goal.