Read the book and find the chapters that appeal to you best. The following are a few that many have found extremely insightful.

Your Father is Already Dead

In order to be free, truly free to be your own self, you must release yourself from your father’s expectations and criticisms. You can love your father, but you do not have to live your life through his critical eye. You must not make decisions on your life based on his expectations of you but on your own expectations of you.

Welcome Your Friend’s Criticism

Your ability to receive criticism from friends is a measure of your masculine energy. If you can receive it without being hurt or defensive, then you have a strong masculine energy. Your friends are not there to support you or constrain you, but to help you become a better person. You don’t have to accept or deny their criticism, but weigh it to see if there is any truth in it then improve yourself if you think it’s valuable criticism.

Own Your Darkest Desires

Acknowledge your dark thoughts and desires, embrace them, because they are part of you. But do not let them run your life. You cannot deny them and claim you are some perfect being who doesn’t ever think such thoughts. But accept that you are imperfect and triumph over that.

Turn Your Lust into Gifts

When a man sees a beautiful woman, it is natural for him to feel sexual desire for her. However, because you cannot just act on that desire, transform it into something else. Let that energy circulate beyond the genitals and throughout your body to use it in a creative, in a healthy way. Think of all the songs, art, and books men have written because they were inspired by beautiful women. Or let it inspire you to do work with a higher purpose.