Practicing gratitude entails seeking and bringing to mind various things in your life for which you can be grateful for. These can be things like people in your life and the good they bring you, having a meaningful job, one that you enjoy, or one that simply brings food to the table. You can be grateful for your family (however annoying they might be), or even for the sun’s warm light, or for the earth beneath your feet. The things you’re grateful for don’t need to be perfect—the key is to do deliberate work and find the goodness within them.

At the beginning, you’ll probably practice being grateful for the good things in your life. That’s often challenging enough! At more advanced levels, you can try being grateful for the difficult situations—in other words, finding the silver lining in every cloud. This skill can seem impossible, but if mastered it can bring a surreal level of tranquility.

Practicing gratitude intentionally on a daily basis (e.g. as a nightly ritual) can profoundly improve your life. Some ways to practice gratitude include: